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Shaftless, Ducted Fan, Electric Motor

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A newly discovered magnetic field that changes the fundamental design of electric aircraft motors.


Acts like an ordinary permanent magnet with three major exceptions:

1) The ParaNetic magnetic field has two of the same polarity fields on either side, with a single opposite polarity field sandwiched between them. These fields are generated at room temperature, without the use of superconducting materials (see the illustration above).

2) Unlike a normal magnet that is made of a solid object generating north and south magnetic fields, the ParaNetic magnet is a "projected magnetic", allowing any solid object to pass through its magnetic fields from end-to-end.

3) The ParaNetic magnetic field will capture and suspend an ordinary permanent magnet at its North/South transition locations, providing the perfect foundation for building transducers with extreme sensitivity.

Learn More About The ParaNetic Magnet

Demonstration of the ParaNetic Magnet
Demonstration of ParaNetic Magnetic Suspension
Demonstration of ION Propulsion

Applications for the ParaNetic Magnetic Field

  • Electric motors with improved efficiency, smaller size, better power-to-weight, and increased torque.

  • Miniaturized transducers - essentially turning today’s technology inside out.

  • Speakers with high fidelity in a micro footprint.

  • Linear acceleration such as carrier launch systems with significantly improved size and efficiency.

  • Magnetic valves that can deliver very specific doses by eliminating friction and wear.

  • Extremely sensitive sensors for use in imaging and detection.

  • Magnetic brakes and bearings.

  • Magnetic springs and shock absorbers.

  • And many more applications.

Version 4.0 ParaNetic Motor Prototype
25% Power Test

Version 4.1 ParaNetic Motor Prototype
25% Power Test


See the Version 5
(Shaftless, Ducted Fan) Motor.
April of 2023

How the ParaNetic Ver 5.0 (Shaftless,
Ducted Fan) Motor is Built.


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