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Ducted Fan Electric Motors


Game changing, platform technology that significantly elevates energy and power yields in multiple applications.


A never seen before magnetic field consisting of two of the same magnetic poles on the outside, with the opposite pole located in-between these two outside fields – thereby enabling radically new designs and applications within the energy and power industries. 









Acts like an ordinary permanent magnet with three major exceptions:

The ParaNetic magnetic field has two of the same polarity on either side, with a single opposite polarity sandwiched in between. This field is generated at room temperature without super conducting materials.

Unlike a normal permanent magnet that is made of a solid material generating a north and south pole, the ParaNetic magnet is "projected", allowing any solid object to pass all the way through its fields from end-to-end without interruption.

The ParaNetic magnetic field will capture and strongly suspend another permanent magnet in space at the two North / South transition locations, providing the perfect base platform for building transducers with extreme sensitivity.

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Electric Motors


Revolutionary electric motor design based on the dual pole magnetic field.

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Foundation for building the next generation of transducers.



Precise Magnetic Valves for Medical and Industrial use based on ParaNetic Magnetic Suspension. The perfect valve for infusion pumps.


Applications for the ParaNetic Magnetic Field

Electric motors that improve efficiency, size, power-to-weight, and torque.

Transducers that allow miniaturization, reduced scale of fields tested - essentially turning today’s technology inside out.

Speakers with miniaturization and high fidelity.

Linear acceleration devices such as rail-guns with significantly improved size and efficiency.

Magnetic values that deliver highly specific doses and eliminate friction and wear.

Magnetic sensors, imaging and detectors with very sensitive specifications.

Magnetic brakes and bearings.

Magnetic springs and shock absorbers.

And many more applications.


ParaNetics Inc.

San Diego, CA 92126

Tel: 619-846-1356

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