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ParaNetics Ducted Fan Electric Motor
ParaNetics Ducted Fan /Propeller Motor for electric aircraft

Next Generation - Electric Propulsion

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Newly discovered magnetic field orientation that changes the fundamental design of electric motors.

Electric Aircraft Propulsion

The Version 5 Motor

ParaNetics Version 5 Electric Motor
ParaNetics Version 5 Electric Motor
Thin Profile
Counter Rotating
Dual Ducted Fan
Duel Counter-Rotating Propellers
Duel Ducted Fans
Clam Shell
Single Propeller
Single Ducted Fan

The NEW Version 6 Motor


Early Prototype Motors

Version 4.0
25% Power Test

Version 4.1
25% Power Test

Electric Subsurface Propulsion

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KortNozzle (5).png
KortNozzle (1).png

Vectored Thrust

Contact ParaNetics

ParaNetics Inc.

San Diego, CA 92126

Tel: 619-846-1356

Thanks for reaching out to ParaNetics.

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