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The team at ParaNetics has created a breakthrough in magnetics technology that will fundamentally change multiple applications and products where magnets are used today including:

  • Electric motors with advantages in design, efficiency, weight and ease of manufacturing.

  • Sensors with ultra-sensitive properties and miniaturization.

  • Valves allowing precise control and unique designs.

  • Linear accelerators "carrier launch system" that turn today’s designs inside out.

The properties of the ParaNetic magnetic field has been labeled as “impossible” by a number of physicists and leading magnetic experts after first hearing about it. However, after hands-on evaluation, they have acknowledged the disruptive potential of this breakthrough technology.


The Company has filed patents for the ParaNetic magnetic field generator, an electric aircraft motor based on the ParaNetic field (one of the hottest development fields in the world today) and several other applications including a ion propulsion engine smaller than a hockey puck used to power micro satellites. 


Our business model is to develop intellectual property around the ParaNetic magnetic field and to license this IP to firms for use in the wide range of applications.

ver3 motor2019-02-26_14-02-12.png


Paranetic Aircraft Motor.png


ION Propulsion2019-02-27_5-23-25.png



Intellectual Property

Management has filed for two patents and plans to file several additional patents on both the ParaNetic device, its applications and designs related to the multiple commercial uses.  Patents have been filed PCT internationally.


Management Team

The Company founders each have extensive, successful executive leadership and entrepreneurial experience.  Between them have successfully established teams, raised significant capital, gone pubic in the U.S and E.U.,  achieved multi hundred million dollar strategic partnerships and launched global products.


Business Model

Management will develop the Company using a licensing and royalty model.  In each of the energy & power applications, such as electric motors, transducers, sensors, valves, and speakers, the Company will develop working “proof of principle” prototypes to support the performance advantages & licensing to the markets for that application.  Each of the initial target markets are very large, especially due to the game-changing performance for these applications, and they represent billion dollar opportunities.


Prototypes and Proof of Principle

Management has developed four prototypes of the electric motor and have had preliminary testing done by a large technology company that indicates potential for significant advantages in its initial application in electric motors using the ParaNetic device.  Additional prototypes are being developed for transducers, sensors and speakers.

ParaNetics Road Show 2019.png
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