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In the realm of electric motors, advancements are continuously being made to enhance efficiency, power output, and overall performance. One such breakthrough is the ParaNetic motor, a revolutionary device based on the newly discovered ParaNetic magnetic field. With its unique magnetic configuration and utilization of both sides of the rotor and stator's magnetic fields, the ParaNetic motor has the potential to reshape the electric propulsion industry.


Developed by ParaNetics, Inc., located in San Diego, California, this groundbreaking motor has garnered attention for its impressive power generation capabilities and its applications in emerging sectors such as electric aircraft and underwater submersible crafts.

At the heart of the ParaNetic motor lies the ParaNetic magnetic field, which exhibits a very unique characteristic. Unlike traditional magnetic fields generated by magnets, the ParaNetic field possesses two north poles with a single south pole sandwiched in between, or vice versa—two south poles with a single north pole sandwiched in between. This unique configuration allows the ParaNetic motor to harness the power of both sides of the magnetic fields generated by the rotor and stator.

Conventional electric motors only employ one side of the rotor and stator's magnetic fields. In contrast, the ParaNetic motor makes use of both sides, resulting in significantly higher power output when provided with the same amount of current. By effectively utilizing the magnetic energy from the rotor and stator, the ParaNetic motor is capable of delivering more power while maintaining high-efficiency levels.

To harness the full potential of the ParaNetic magnetic field, the motor employs a unique stator design. Five electromagnets are arranged in a circular configuration, creating a magnetic field that interacts with a single permanent magnet acting as the rotor. This innovative layout enhances the motor's efficiency and power generation capabilities, enabling it to outperform conventional motors in various applications.

Advantages of the ParaNetic Motor

1.     Enhanced Power Generation: The ParaNetic motor generates more power compared to traditional motors when provided with the same amount of current. This attribute is especially valuable in demanding applications where increased power output is crucial.

2.     Increased Efficiency: With an impressive efficiency rating the ParaNetic motor excels in converting electrical energy into mechanical power. This efficiency is achieved by effectively utilizing both sides of the rotor and the stator's magnetic fields.

3.     Reduced Heat Generation: The unique configuration of the ParaNetic motor significantly reduces heat production. This characteristic allows for extended operation without the need for additional cooling measures, making it ideal for applications where heat management is critical.

4.     Patent Recognition: The ParaNetic magnet has received patents in five countries, highlighting the novelty and potential of this technology. The patented design ensures exclusivity and protection for ParaNetics, Inc., enabling them to capitalize on their groundbreaking invention.

ParaNetics, Inc. and Recent Developments

The ParaNetic motor owes its innovation to the brilliant minds at ParaNetics, a team of electric propulsion pioneers. Headquartered in San Diego, California, ParaNetics drives the development and commercialization of this groundbreaking motor. Their mission?


To revolutionize the electric propulsion industry by harnessing the unique capabilities of the ParaNetic motor.

With the launch of its sixth-generation motor, ParaNetics, Inc. is setting its sights on the rapidly emerging markets for electric aircraft and underwater submersibles.


Intellectual Property

The company holds patents issued in five countries and has ambitious plans to file several additional patents covering the ParaNetic device, its applications, and prototype designs. These patents span multiple commercial uses, positioning the company at the forefront of innovation.

Management Team

The company’s founders bring a wealth of experience in executive leadership and entrepreneurship. Their track record includes successfully establishing teams, raising substantial capital, achieving public listings in both the U.S. and E.U., forming multi-hundred million dollar strategic partnerships, and launching global products.

Business Model

Management envisions developing the company through a licensing and royalty model. For each energy and power application—such as electric motors, transducers, sensors, and valves—the company will create “proof of principle” prototypes. These prototypes will not only demonstrate performance advantages but also serve as a foundation for licensing within the target markets. Given the immense scale of these initial markets, the opportunities are in the billion-dollar range.

Prototypes and Proof of Principle

The management team has already crafted five prototype electric motors, with a sixth one slated for release in the second quarter of 2024. Early versions have undergone preliminary testing by a major technology company, revealing significant advantages over existing designs. Additionally, the team is actively developing prototypes for transducers, sensors, and linear acceleration.

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