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The team at ParaNetics has created a breakthrough in magnetics technology that will fundamentally change multiple applications and products where magnets are used today including:

  • Electric motors with advantages in design, efficiency, weight and ease of manufacturing.

  • Sensors with ultra-sensitive properties and miniaturization.

  • Valves allowing precise control and unique designs.

  • Linear accelerators "carrier launch system" that turn today’s designs inside out.

The properties of the ParaNetic magnetic field has been labeled as “impossible” by a number of physicists and leading magnetic experts after first hearing about it. However, after hands-on evaluation, they have acknowledged the disruptive potential of this breakthrough technology.


The Company has filed patents for the ParaNetic magnetic field generator, an electric aircraft motor based on the ParaNetic field (one of the hottest development fields in the world today) and several other applications including a ion propulsion engine smaller than a hockey puck used to power micro satellites. 


Our business model is to develop intellectual property around the ParaNetic magnetic field and to license this IP to firms for use in the wide range of applications.




• FIRST EVER magnetic field - north poles on outside and south pole between.

• PCT patent applications filed with strong claims on design and applications.

• Unique magnetic fields – labeled as ”impossible by several experts” allows unprecedented designs for magnetics in multiple applications.

• Electric motors with advantages of efficiency, weight and manufacturing.

• Sensors with ultra sensitive properties and miniaturization.

• Valves allowing precise control and unique designs.

• Linear Acceleration ”Carrier Launch" system that turns today’s design inside out.

• Founding team with extensive entrepreneurial and development experience.

• Proof of concept prototypes verified by large multi-national company.

• Patent Pending breakthrough motor design for electric airplanes and drones – one of today’s hottest fields of development.

• Business model of licensing and development of additional IP.

ParaNetics Business Model – Licensing and IP Development


• Management is developing multiple application prototypes beginning with electric motors, with a focus on electric airplanes (one of hottest areas of new technology development today).

• Each application has the potential for additional IP and segmentation of the technology.

• A “Qualcomm type” of licensing model is planned.

• Commercialization development and manufacturing assigned to licensees.

• Revenue derived from milestone payments and royalties on product sales.