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ION Propulsion2019-02-27_5-23-25.png

Ion Propulsion – How it works.

One of the unique features of the ParaNetic magnet is that it is not a physical object and is best described as a “projected” or “virtual magnet”.  In addition to it not being physical, a ParaNetic magnet has two north poles with a single south pole sandwiched in-between.


If a permanent magnet is placed at the point where the ParaNetic magnetic fields switch with the north pole facing in and it is pushes past 50%, the ParaNetic field will rapidly expel that magnet out the opposite side.

magnet Expell2019-02-27_14-04-01.png

This capability is the foundation for building the ParaNetic Ion propulsion engine.

ION engine 4.png
ion engine 5.png

In addition, the ParaNetic Ion propulsion engine uses its ability to rapidly change the orientation of its magnetic field as well as its ability to create a magnetic tunnel for the projectile to pass through as it exits the ParaNetic magnetic field projector.

ION Engine 1.png
ION Engine 2.png
Paranetic Field 2.png
Paranetic Field 1.png

The ParaNetic Ion propulsion engine is approximately the same size as a hockey puck, however it can be scaled either up or down.

ION engine 3.png
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