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Larry Stambaugh - Chairman

Mr. Stambaugh has been the CEO, Chairman of the Board and Director of several global public and private companies.  During his more than 40-year career Stambaugh’s leadership has been the inspiring force behind boards and management to access their strengths and weakness without restraint and create a laser focused business. He has raised over $500 million of capital in private and public financing and has taken a company public in both the U.S. and Europe.  He has negotiated and consummated multiple large strategic partnerships with Fortune 100 companies.  Mr. Stambaugh has a passion for board corporate governance practices and has received the “Director of the Year” award from the Corporate Directors Forum an unprecedented three times in recognition for his work in corporate governance leadership and education.  He founded and led an annual nationwide corporate governance meeting for 12 years that is recognized as one of the top corporate governance meetings in the U.S.  Today, as a Director and Business Advisor, Mr. Stambaugh elevates leadership thinking and results at organizations using his well-developed processes.


Tom Daniel – President 

Mr. Daniel brings to ParaNetics over 20 years experience leading software, technology, and services companies and is known as a hands-on motivational leader who builds strong teams that deliver remarkable results. Mr. Daniel is an expert in creating and communicating vision, building consensus, and driving sales. His background includes prominent leadership roles at public companies including: President of Intuit Services Corporation, President of RH Donnelley-GDS, and President of Thermo-Fisher Scientific-LOTN.

Mike Hinkleman.jpg

Mike Hinkleman - Technology Advisory Board 

Fifty year of experience as top aerodynamic designer, including, advanced UAV design, fighter aircraft design commercial airplane derivatives, aerodynamic design/analysis, optimization, inlet design, winglets, drag reduction, wind tunnel testing, high lift systems, loads, thermal analysis, icing. 20+ years with OVERFLOW, POINTWISE, FLUENT, CFD++, STARCCM+, open source CFD codes, DAKOTA, PYTHON, Fortran, C++, OpenMPI. Began career at Lockheed, Burbank Skunk Works and spent 25 years as lead engineer on multiple top projects at Boeing. Currently independent contract aerodynamic designer supporting proprietary client projects along with in-house design of an advanced, long range, all weather drone, including Zipline, Inc., medical delivery drone.; Erickson Air-Crane Firefighting support; Conoco Philips CASA aircraft oil dispersant; 2 prop aircraft;; Kaman Aerospace.

Dan Pittard.jpg

Dan Pittard - Senior Business Advisor

Accomplished Senior Executive, CEO, Board Member and former McKinsey partner with more than 35 years of global success across consumer, high tech, and energy businesses. He has lived and worked abroad in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, and Saudi Arabia. As a seasoned Board Member, Dan is an NACD’s Board Leadership Fellow and has served on more than 20 boards - public, private, industry, and non-profit boards - including WD-40 Company, Rubio’s Restaurants, and The Children’s Miracle Network. At Georgia Tech, he served on advisory boards to the College of Computing and was Chairman of the Advisory board to the President.

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